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Cinq a Sept

May 11, 2021 1 min read

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If you’re looking to be fashion-forward and snag some inspiration for your personal style, you’re at home at the Fashion Hub. Our style and luxury blog is packed with fashion tips, advice, sales, discounts, special events, and inspiration. We’re obsessed with modern style and new, edgy designs that crossover into the fashion scene, and we know our customers are too. If you’re trying to find a great gift for a loved one and you’re not sure what the latest trends are, you can come to the Fashion Hub luxury lifestyle blog for up-to-date style advice and more.

What Peter Kate Is All About

Peter Kate has humble roots as a small bespoke boutique in Wilmington, Delaware selling unique designer shoes. Our varied and high-quality sense of style, as well as our commitment to adding our personal touch for every single customer, helped us expand into the thriving online fashion boutique we are today. 

We’re not a fast-fashion company. We aim to carry a well-curated selection of products from designer brands. High-quality, longevity, and timelessness are our priorities, no matter if you’re shopping for apparel, jewelry, handbags, accessories, or anything else. Read on within our style and luxury blog to learn more about our designer offerings.

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