Designed for both urban and outdoor lifestyles, SAM jackets and outerwear fuse practicality with style while keeping you cozy and warm.

High-End Outerwear

Founded by Suzanne Schwartz and Andrew Marc Schwartz, SAM debuted in 2010 as a brand for both men and women. SAM jackets exude the best of the brand ethos, which focuses on high-end outerwear made for modern luxury consumers. This means that the creatives behind SAM combine everyday practicality and utility with an alpine-inspired style. SAM pieces are truly unique in their stylish cuts and fabrics that are fused with luxurious and resilient materials. You can easily wear SAM products in urban settings or at the ski lodge – SAM is made for your outdoor lifestyle.

SAM jackets, SAM vests, and SAM outerwear are perfect for wearing year-round. Most of their items have wind-resistant and water-repellent properties, making them as practical as they are flattering. 

Practicality & Style

The creative minds behind SAM have a passion for keeping people warm and feeling great. SAM’s jackets and outerwear will provide the perfect finishing touch to your outfits – even better, they’ll keep you warm and protected from wind, rain, and snow.

Peter Kate’s collection of items from the SAM brand is curated with your sense of style in mind. With tons of finishes, fabrics, lengths, and colors, these jackets and vests will be your new go-to outerwear that won’t force you to sacrifice your fashionable outfit. These pieces will go wonderfully with our collection of boots, scarves, and hats & gloves.

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