Protect Clochette w/ 18-20" Adjustable Chain

Appx. 3/8" across by 1 1/8" tall

A very soft ringing as a petite reminder of joy, milestone moments, and people special to you. Many believe that the ringing of bells wards off evil spirits. As always we take the optimistic approach and our bells are meant to celebrate the luck in your life (which will naturally keep the bad away!). Our clochettes (little bells in French) are incredibly special and unique: wear them for calm, to commemorate love, and as a protection amulet.

Keep safe. The snake in this clochette symbolizes wisdom, power and healing. Gardez Bien inscribed around the star is French for Guard Well. This bell is a reminder of your own strength and the positive ways you protect yourself and those you love.

  • Brass dipped in 14k gold, measuring appx. 3/8" across by 1 1/8" tall. 

  • DOUBLE SIDED: snake on one side, Gardez Bien inscription on the other. Wear either way!

  •  18-20" Adjustable Delicate Chain.

  • Pendant bail (loop that attached the pendant to a chain) will fit a wide variety of chains.

  • Please Note: This bell is meant to be a petite reminder - the ringing is very soft and peaceful in nature.