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Philadelphia, PA Women's Apparel

Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania, featuring a lot of Women's Boutiques. Located where the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers meet, this city was founded by William Penn in 1682. There are many choices for you when looking for Philadelphia Women's Apparel, but only Peter Kate offers the finest curated selection that you can depend on for quality and looks. Located in Delaware, Peter Kate sells Women's  Shoes, Boots, Apparel, Handbags, and Jewelry & Accessories. Our women's boutique offers the highest quality Philadelphia Fashion without center city prices.

Philadelphia has been a center of fashion since it has been one of the main cities on the East Coast, and a center of society since America's inception. Philadelphia is home to The Philadelphia Fabric Exchange & Philadelphia Task Force For Fashion and Garments, who are helping Philadelphia and its surrounding areas to transition to a more sustainable fashion future and to avoid textile waste from entering landfills. 


Philadelphia PA, Veronica Beard Shoes

Philadelphia, PA Veronica Beard Shoes

Our Philadelphia, PA Veronica Beard Shoe selection is curated to blend cool, classic, and chic styling. Designed in cool, classic American style, these shoes will make you step out in style. These shoes are made in Italy with the finest quality. Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard are the founders and co-CEOs of this inspirational brand.


Philadelphia MZ Wallace Handbags

Philadelphia, PA Women's Handbags

We offer Philadelphia, PA Women's Handbags including Crossbody Bags, Clutches, and Hobo / Shoulder Bags. Look good for work, travel and every day. Peter Kate is proud to have some of the finest Philadelphia Women's Handbags available today!

We have many brands in our selection, including but not limited to MZ Wallace, Haute Shore, Kempton & Co, Zadig & Voltaire, Annabel Ingall, Clare V., and many more.

Philadelphia, PA MZ Wallace Handbags

In need of MZ Wallace Handbags in Philadelphia! Get yours delivered from Peter Kate! We have an incredible selection of MZ Wallace Handbags. When the bag they needed didn’t exist, Lucy Wallace Eustice and Monica Zwirner created MZ Wallace. Founded in Soho, New York, this brand has become a trend setter - "a design that does more, so you can do more."

If you are looking for MZ Wallace Handbags in Philadelphia, check out our selection.

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