Jane Win

The Jane Win jewelry collection is artfully crafted and symbolic of life’s most meaningful moments.

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Jane Win Jewelry

A Jane Win piece is a reminder to focus on all you hope to achieve in life and is a talisman for milestone moments. The Jane Win collection is made up of 8 amulets symbolizing strength, positivity, hope, and luck. The collection is inspired by the American Gypsy coin jewelry of the 1900s which was spiritual, functional, and symbolic — it was a way to transport wealth, express generosity to others, and show prosperity. When Jane Win started researching this gorgeous antique coin jewelry, she realized that her wealth is not shown in money, cars, or fancy homes…her wealth comes from life experiences, both good and bad. Each piece in the Jane Win collection inspires strength and growth, serving as a reminder to appreciate life for the gift it is.

Jewelry Designs

This beautiful collection was made by a woman for women. Founder Jane Winchester wanted to create a brand that encourages positivity and resilience with pieces that connect women through shared life experiences — both good and bad. Milestone moments shape us and can alter the direction of our lives. The Jane Win collection aims to commemorate these moments with beautiful jewelry. Each Jane Win necklace has an intricately designed pendant, crafted by American craftsman to ensure the finest quality jewelry. Jane Win customers love the care and attention to detail poured into each piece. We pride ourselves on happy customers who will cherish their Jane Win jewelry for years to come.