Brochu Walker

Brochu Walker clothing…where luxury meets understated sophistication.

The Brochu Walker Brand

Brochu Walker clothing is upscale apparel for the modern, take-charge woman, with an emphasis on cashmere. The choice to work with a delicate fiber stems from a passion for knitted apparel. Brochu Walker sweaters are designed using a variety of techniques and thread sizes to dictate the artistic direction, allowing designers to embark on a creative journey.

Brochu Walker’s entire collection focuses on quality pieces that are thoughtfully designed. The result is effortless-looking clothing that is timeless and carefree.

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Brochu Walker clothing combines American minimalist style with a distinctive European flair. This timeless, free-spirited apparel encourages individuality and self-expression. Confident, self-assured women with a zest for life look the part in Brochu Walker dresses, sweaters, bottoms, and loungewear. Each collection is carefully curated around a central theme, perfectly encapsulating a uniform sense of style. From romantic, to bohemian, to coastal, to bourgeois, and everything in between. For chic sophistication and refined pieces that will never go out of style, shop Brochu Walker.