Veronica Beard

Veronica Beard women’s clothing is an artfully curated collection of apparel designed by women, for women, to fill the gaps in your wardrobe one gorgeous piece at a time.

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Introducing the Veronicas

Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard are sisters-in-law who are married to brothers but were brought together by a true friendship and a love of fashion. They have 8 kids between them. After leaving their careers in finance and fashion to raise their kids, they always found themselves talking about their new favorite designers, must-have pieces, and styling tricks at family gatherings. They quickly realized there was a void in the market for clothing that you could live in, so they set out to change that; thus, the Veronica Beard women’s clothing and accessory brand was born. The collection includes Veronica Beard blazers, tops, dickeys, shoes, jackets, bottoms, and accessories for every style preference.

Style Inspiration

The biggest inspiration came from menswear and the ease of having a day-to-day uniform. They always talked about how men can quickly throw on a suit and be out the door – they didn’t have to think about it. They started talking about what would make up their uniform and it was simple: a chic top, a classic jacket, and a cool pair of jeans.

When the Veronicas launched in 2010, they focused on perfecting the jacket and, from there, started creating additional pieces like Veronica Beard tops and Veronica Beard dickeys, items that they personally looked for to add to their own wardrobes. Veronica Beard women’s clothing features must-have staples, creating an essential uniform bred out of necessity for every woman's wardrobe. Shop this collection today!