Lisa Todd

Shop our curated collection of Lisa Todd clothing to find stylish and cozy sweaters for your wardrobe.

Quality & Timeless Fashion

Lisa Todd is an American fashion label known for producing high-quality clothing and knits. Long associated with quality and timelessness, Lisa Todd clothing is for the woman who wants to combine the coziness of cashmere, cotton, and luxurious fabric blends with the sophistication that Lisa Todd sweaters are known for. Lisa Todd’s creators and designers pay careful attention to the detail of their clothing, down to the last stitch.

Operating under the idea that clothing should never be one-dimensional, the creatives behind Lisa Todd clothing want to provide “anti-basic” basics that will last for ages and follow you through all the seasons of your life. Experience the delicious feel of Lisa Todd’s knitwear made for the effortlessly sophisticated woman.

Cozy Cashmere & Cotton

Lisa Todd’s sweaters will complete your wardrobe. With diverse fabric weights, loose vs. tight knits, colors, patterns, and shapes, these sweaters will look fabulous for any occasion and any climate. We think our curated Lisa Todd pieces can easily be thrown over one of our dresses or skirts, making the outfit cozy and warm. These knits also pair well with scarves in the colder months or a pair of high-quality denim for a casual look. 

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