Mizuki jewelry designs embody individuality — celebrating what makes each of us unique.

About Mizuki

After Mizuki Goltz graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York, she decided to team up with fellow artist Alan Goltz to start the Mizuki collection. Born from her love of fashion and the arts, the brand started out in a downtown Soho loft and has since grown into the designer fine jewelry brand that it is today. For a dose of eastern culture, tranquility, and refinement, Mizuki often travels back to her birthplace, Tokyo. She is an award-winning designer having most recently won Town and Country's 2017 Pearls of The Year award. The namesake brand features stunning pieces designed with culture, fashion, and the arts in mind. Mizuki earrings and Mizuki necklaces make one-of-a-kind gifts for you and all the jewelry lovers in your life. 

Mizuki Designs

Mizuki jewelry designs infuse contemporary fashion trends into delicate feminine style, resulting in a beautiful blend of edge and sophistication in every design. Each piece is crafted with care from stunning 14kt gold and is designed to be worn for any occasion. Mizuki's designs have evolved over time. She constantly refines her creative process to bring revitalized energy and intention to each new piece. The collections include a wide variety of stunning selections — from classic, elegant styles to contemporary and bold new trends. There is a piece that speaks to every jewelry preference. Add to your personal collection today when you shop for Mizuki jewelry.